SuperGeeks Custom Computers

One of the things we enjoy most is building PCs. Every machine we build is unique, and we take pride in them.

Thinking about a new computer? Know someone who needs a new PC for Christmas? Here’s how it works.

Give us a call, email us or swing by. We will go over your individual needs and develop you a part list and an estimate. The parts are ordered, the computer is built, and you own a PC built to do exactly what you need it to.

Custom computers we built in the past are currently enjoying their lives;

– Being used for high-end video editing.
– Gaming at maxed out settings.
– Serving as a Point of Sales machine in a restaraunt.
– Checking email and browsing the internet in an office.
– And everything in between!

Each of these computers was individualized for the needs of its owner. The business owner would be wasting money paying for the same parts as the gamer. The gamer wouldn’t be able to run their games with a point of sales system. Having a custom PC tailor fit to your needs is the best way to make sure you aren’t spending money on features you won’t need or ending up with a processor that won’t run your high-end software.

Give us a call or swing by to get started!


Interested in No Payments and No Interest on a new PC for 6 months? Use PayPal credit to pay for one our custom computers!

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