May Special Offer – Discounted Custom Computers!

Part 2 of our New Computer Buying Guide will be out next week, so stay tuned for that! If you missed Part 1, we have it up on our website here.

In the meantime, we received several questions about Custom Desktops after the last email. So for the entire month of May, we will be giving you $50 off of any Custom Built PC! We can build you custom machines for the house, office, gaming, photo and video production, and everything in between!

We start with an in-depth consultation, you tell us exactly what you need the computer for, what programs you will be running, if you want a windowed case with colored LEDs inside or a more professional looking plain black case, etc.

We then develop you an estimate designed specifically for your needs. We don’t add expensive hardware you may not utilize (if you just want a computer that can browse the internet and send emails, you probably don’t need high-end gaming components.) If you need to edit 4K video, we will make sure that your machine will handle it without breaking a sweat.

We order everything, assemble the machine, install Windows, and can even transfer all of your data from an old computer or backup onto the new machine! You now have a completely personalized PC built specifically for your needs.

Give us a call or come by today to get started on your custom build!

(806) 7220-0770