July Special – Free Diagnostics!

Before we get into the special, we will be closed this Wednesday, July 4th to celebrate Independence Day. Have a happy and safe holiday!

For the entire month of July, we will be offering our thorough In-Shop Diagnostic service for absolutely free. (quick reminder that our 24/7 Maintenance Plan members never have to pay for diagnostics on covered machines!)

If your computer has been running slow, freezing up, not booting up, or sitting under the bed or in a closet, now is the perfect time to have us take a look at it.

During the Diagnostic, we go through a 20 point checklist (depending on the status of a machine.) Included in this list;

Hardware Test: We test the hard drive, motherboard, memory, battery and more. Failing hard drives are a common source of issues and we highly recommend upgrading to a Solid State Drive which has no moving parts and is less prone to failure.

Virus Scan: Nearly every machine that we see that is infected with viruses… also has antivirus software on it. Having something installed doesn’t mean your machine is 100% virus-proofed.

Operating System Tests: Operating System corruptions are also a common issue we see, particularly after a Windows update. Not being able to log in, the computer booting to a black screen, etc. Reinstalling a “clean” install of Windows is usually the best fix here.

We also check your computer for issues with; startup programs, antivirus software, windows updates, security holes, junk data, disk fragmentation, drivers, and more!

Once we have a complete picture of the status of your machine, we will call you and let you know what repairs or upgrades we would recommend, or if a new computer is in your future.

Give us a call or come by to get started and have a great week!

806 722 0770