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You don’t need to suffer from dangerous viruses, or connection issues. Your computer should be working for you! The experts at SuperGeeks in Lubbock can help make that happen. Let us solve virus, hardware or networking related issues. We will work hard for you to provide solutions to your issues, keep them from reoccurring, and have training available to educate and empower you.

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Our computer experts are trained to work with both PC and Mac computers to solve all your computing problems. You can get the expert service you need no matter what your operating system is.

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Broken laptop? dsc_0040Don’t toss it! SuperGeeks can have it looking and running like new in no time. Take a look at our laptop repair services.

Battery Replacement – We can fix battery issues with a high quality, warranty backed, replacement!

Laptop Power Issues – If your laptop won’t turn on or won’t hold a charge, there are a few common issues we can take care of!

A/C Adapter Replacement – Sometimes these stop working completely, and sometimes they just don’t give you quite enough juice.

Charging Port Replacement – This is a common problem. The charging port is used so much it will wear out or become loose inside the laptop. We can replace it or simply reseat it to make sure you are able to charge your laptop!

Cracked Laptop Screens – Whether it was dropped, stepped on or thrown, we can fix it. The LCD on your laptop is a fragile display. When these crack they don’t have the shattered glass like an iPhone screen would. You will see large black spots, lines and a mix of colors. We order top quality replacements that come with a warranty installed by trained professionals.

Laptop Overheating – This a common problem in laptops as the fans are much smaller and have to work harder in such a confined space. Combine that with West Texas Dust and you have a recipe for a hot laptop. This can cause shutdowns, data loss and even fried hardware. We can replace the fan if needed, clean the computer out and “chill out” your laptop.

Laptop Water Damage – Spill your coffee on your keyboard? The kiddo decide it needed a blast from a water gun? We can help! If this happens to you, Don’t Panic. Unplug the laptop immediately, remove the battery (the one time we recommend not waiting for the correct “shut down” procedure) and do not under any circumstance turn it back on until we have taken a look at it. Liquid damage can cause permanent problems with the motherboard, the more power that is run through it, the greater chance it will not be salvageable. We have developed a proprietary method of removing the liquid along with any minerals or potentially harmful “leftovers” from the laptop, inside and out.

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