Video: Adblock Plus

This is the first of many “Video Tutorials” we will be doing. If you have a suggestion for a video, please let us know!

Also, it looks like there is a brand new encryption virus out there, so be careful what you click on and what attachments you open! These viruses encrypt your files and there is usually no way to recover them without an existing backup. If you aren’t backing up your files, call us today! It’s cheap and easy and can prevent you from losing years of work or family photos!

Jon Benton, Owner


Ads can be annoying and dangerous! Watch the video below to see what Adblock Plus can do and how to install it!

Video: 24/7 Maintenance Introduction

Here at SuperGeeks, we want you to have the best support available when it comes to the technology in your life. We are excited to introduce a new tool: tutorial videos. Available to everyone on YouTube, we will be posting new videos with step-by-step instructions for everything from using your smart phone to help with your laptop. Take a look at our first video, an introduction to our 24/7 maintenance plan.