How to Protect Your Digital Photos

Digital Photos – What now?
My family takes a lot of pictures. Some go on facebook or are emailed out. Very few are printed. Most of them stay on phones and cameras and are never looked at again. This week, we will look at a few ways to get them on your computer, back them up and share them.

Are you ready to lose it all?
I have folders on my home computer dating back to 2002, when I started using a digital camera. I have a folder named “Scans” containing all the pictures that came out of family albums and prints prior to 2002. I probably have 500 photos of my daughter as a newborn with the same scrunched face, just wearing different clothes. And I want all of them. It hasn’t always been backed up. Until the day I sat down to sort them out and realized how much family history I had on my hard drive. I put a backup in place that same day. When (not if) my hard drive goes out, I already know that I will have access to every one of those pictures. Same applies to fire, flood, tornado, etc. How about you?

Cloud Backup
There are many backup types. This is the only one I am going to cover because it is the best way to protect your data. I don’t have room for a technical explanation, but every computer and external hard drive you own could vanish and you would still have access to your files.  I use cloud backup at home and here at the office. Carbonite is a good option, and you can backup 1 computer (ANY amount of data) for $59 a year. That’s less than a Netflix subscription. Personally, my photos alone are worth that, not to mention documents, music, etc. We have met a lot of people who are on the verge of tears when a hard drive fails. Don’t let that be you.

Take a few minutes and look at the pictures on your computer. Always a nice trip down memory lane. Are they valuable to you? Are they backed up? If not, are you prepared to lose it all?

If you need help choosing a backup system or want us to make sure the right things are being backed up give us a call or come by soon. We can get you set up with Carbonite (here at the shop, at your business, home or remotely!) in no time.

Let us know if you have any questions about anything relating to digital photos! We can help you get them off a phone, broken flash drive, DVD, give you pointers on software (try Picasa!) and we even have a few tips for taking photos with cell phones.

If it Looks too Good to be True…

ScamAlertBe very suspicious when bargain hunting! If you see a new Laptop listed on a website for $50.00, it is probably a scam. There are already phishing emails circulating claiming to be from UPS, Amazon and more wanting you to click a link to confirm your login information. If someone approaches you in the parking lot and wants to sell you an iPad, you might end up unwrapping a mirror. Keep an eye on your debit card when you hand it over in a store. If it leaves your sight during checkout then there may be a problem.

Thieves have plenty of would be victims. Slow own, pay attention to what you are buying, where you are buying it from and how it is being paid for. Pay close attention to bank activity to avoid falling victim to a scam!

One-on-One Technology Training

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