If it Looks too Good to be True…

ScamAlertBe very suspicious when bargain hunting! If you see a new Laptop listed on a website for $50.00, it is probably a scam. There are already phishing emails circulating claiming to be from UPS, Amazon and more wanting you to click a link to confirm your login information. If someone approaches you in the parking lot and wants to sell you an iPad, you might end up unwrapping a mirror. Keep an eye on your debit card when you hand it over in a store. If it leaves your sight during checkout then there may be a problem.

Thieves have plenty of would be victims. Slow own, pay attention to what you are buying, where you are buying it from and how it is being paid for. Pay close attention to bank activity to avoid falling victim to a scam!

One-on-One Technology Training

Antivirus Software and YouSuperGeeks Lubbock not only has a wide variety of scheduled technology training classes, but also offers 1 on 1 Training! Want to learn more about your Android device? Need help setting up a Facebook business page? Trouble with email? We can help!

1 on 1 Training is available by appointment so call and schedule a time today!

Antivirus Software vs. Viruses vs. You

We see a lot of viruses in the shop. Most computers that come in have some sort of malware on them. Most of those computers also have antivirus software. We have seen virus infections on computers with all of the above products and more. “So what gives?” “Why is my computer infected with viruses when I pay for antivirus software?”

  • No Antivirus Software, paid or free, is going to 100% Virus Proof your computer.
  • Viruses need people. “If a computer is in the forest, and no one is around, will it get infected by a virus?” The answer is probably not. Clicking on links, typing in addresses, downloading files, agreeing to updates, etc. is how virus infections occur.

What you click on, what you download, what emails you open, what links you follow is the important part. Once you “activate” the virus infection, your Antivirus Software becomes a flimsy safety net. It might work. Maybe not. It’s a last line of defense that is always struggling to catch up with new viruses.

I personally don’t ever want to put my antivirus software to the test.

You can be your own best  antivirus software. Slow down, read things carefully, be suspicious. If in doubt, ask. Links, emails, attachments, unfamiliar websites. Be skeptical. Choosing an antivirus software is secondary.