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We are remodeling the shop! We will be open through most, if not all, of the remodel, and will announce any closures on social media so be sure to follow us on facebook and instagram for updates!

We have been running out of space in the work area for a while now. This is a fantastic problem to have and we thank you for helping us get there! Once the remodel is complete we will have a great new work area that will allow us to work on more machines at once and cut down on our diagnostic and repair times! Check out pictures of the progress so far below.

During the remodel we will be running several special offers. Up first is half off the first hour of all on-site service calls! We will be running this offer until the 12th of this month. Give us a call to get an appointment scheduled before we book up!

Windows Vista End of Support

Here we go again!

Windows Vista, one of Microsoft’s least adopted Operating Systems, is losing official support as of tomorrow (4/11/17). Here is everything you need to know.

Leaving your computer on all the time presents the following issues;

– “End of Support” means that Microsoft will no longer be offering updates or support to the Operating System. Vista machines will not be updated to protect against any new threats, glitches or bugs discovered in the operating system after April 11th. Vista machines will still function, they will just become unsafe and unstable over time.

– Support from other software will eventually stop also. Chrome, AVG, etc. will also eventually stop receiving updates on Vista machines. These computers will become more and more unusable as this occurs.

Have a Computer with Vista on it? Here’s what you can do.

– Buy a new computer. We can help transfer all of your files to the new machine or even build you a new Desktop with Windows 7 or Windows 10 on it.

– Upgrade your Vista machine to Windows 7. Windows 7 will be supported through 2020, so it still has some life left in it! We can help you with the upgrade process.

– Keep using the machine. While we don’t recommend this, as it will be more and more unsafe as time goes by, it is an option.

We don’t recommend putting Windows 10 on Vista machines, as it generally doesn’t run well on Vista aged hardware.

If you have a Vista machine and have any questions, give us a call or come by! 806 722 0770

Should You Leave Your Computer On Or Turn It Off?

One of the most common questions we get is if it is better to leave a computer on all the time or turn it off periodically.

Our suggestion is a little of both.

Leaving your computer on all the time presents the following issues;

Heat. Your Processor, Hard Drive, Graphics Card and Memory all generate quite a bit of heat (which is why you need all those fans in your computer). Leaving the computer on constantly will expose all of your hardware to high temperatures for extended periods of time, and will significantly decrease the lifespan of the components. This is particularly true of laptops which have less airflow. The dirt and dust in the area compounds this problem, so make sure to keep the insides clean! (Bring it by if you want us to clean it out thoroughly.)

Updates and Reboots. Windows and other updates install periodically, but need a restart to finish installing. Many of you have probably experienced needing to reboot your computer and then having to wait for far too long for updates to install. If you turn the computer off or restart it more often, when you need to reboot in the middle of your work day, you won’t have to wait nearly as long, if at all!

Small Issues. The longer a computer is on, the more random glitches it will develop. Icons may not display correctly, the start menu may not work, programs may not work properly. A reboot clears out the system memory and reloads everything fresh. While this doesn’t fix everything under the sun, a large amount of small issues can be corrected with a reboot. This is why “Have you tried rebooting it?” is the first troubleshooting step for many situations.

Power Usage. Leaving a computer on all the time can add up to some heavy power usage. An average computer left on 24/7 costs you about $200 a year.

Moving Parts. Your hard drive, fans, power supply and graphics card all have moving parts. The longer the computer is on, the more the parts move which will put them out of commission faster.

Keeping your computer off all the time until the moment you need it isn’t realistic advice for most situations either. Here is what we recommend for most of our customers:

-Keep your computer on when you are likely to need it. (say 8-5)

-Reboot the computer at least once a day. This will help updates install and make rebooting when you don’t expect it much faster.

-Leave the computer on 1-2 nights a week. This will allow updates to download and install overnight while you aren’t using it. Tuesday is known as “Patch Tuesday” and when most Windows Updates roll out, so Tuesday nights are ideal for this.

-Outside of that, leave the computer off.

-Don’t use sleep mode. We see it cause all kinds of problems. Our suggestion is that the computer is either on or off. If you need help turning off a sleep setting, let us know.

-If your computer takes forever to boot up, and that’s why you never turn it off, it may be time for a tune up or upgrade. Solid State Drives help a computer boot into Windows in about 10 seconds, which has helped me greatly in leaving my home PC off until I need to use it.

Reminder, we are offering $40 off any Solid State Upgrade until April 8th!

Give us a call or swing by if you have any questions!