The Best Investment For Your Computer

There are a lot of ways to upgrade and improve your computer. Memory upgrades, tune-ups, backups, reinstalling Windows, etc. (and we can help with all of it!)

One upgrade, however, stands above the rest as the single best investment you can make for your computer. Solid State Drives (SSDs).

Traditional mechanical hard drives have spinning disks that move at incredibly high speeds. A small arm moves back and forth across the disk to read the data.

If that looks familiar to you, it’s because mechanical drives operate much like a record player. And just like a record player, a bump, drop or sudden movement can cause damage or complete failure. There are also many moving parts, which in any device, will eventually lead to a failure. The speed of traditional hard drives is also limited by these factors. It can only write or read information as fast as the mechanics can move.

A Solid State Drive has no moving parts. This means they are much, much faster and far less prone to failure, particularly from physical shock.

All of us here at SuperGeeks have SSDs on our personal machines, and won’t be going back to mechanical drives as our primary drive (we still use them for secondary storage drives).

My personal laptop and desktop, when turned on, boot into Windows and are ready to use in about 10 seconds. I don’t have to wait for the loading screen, wait for Windows, wait for startup programs and THEN use my computer. Chrome opens faster. Updates install faster. Word launches save and open documents faster. Anything that occurs on the SSD is exponentially faster than it would be on a Mechanical Hard Drive. The difference is so drastic I would compare it to switching from Dial-Up to Broadband Internet.

If you have a computer with a traditional hard drive, upgrading to a solid state drive is a great way to get many more years out of it with faster and more reliable performance. If you are in the market for a new computer, look for one that has an SSD installed. If you are interested in a Solid State Drive Upgrade, give us a shout or come by the shop.

For the next month, we will be offering $40 off of any Solid State Drive Upgrade. 

No limit per customer, no coupon needed. Offer ends on April 8th.

Your Computer May Be (Insert Really Bad Thing Here)

Scam Pop Ups


We are seeing more and more of these scams lately, most of them come from ads either on Google search results, Facebook, or other sites. Remember, ads go to the highest bidder.

When you click on the ad, it will redirect you to a website and will display a very scary pop up telling you that all sorts of things are wrong and to call the 800 number to get it fixed. If you call the number the people on the other end will normally say they work for Microsoft, and that no one else can fix the issue.

They will then normally get you to help them remote into the computer and take control of the machine. They will go to the error log and show you all the errors on the machine which display as red Xs. Every machine has red Xs here just through normal use, but they will tell you that each one is a horrible virus or critical failure. Once they have done this they will ask for $300 or more to “fix” these problems (that don’t actually exist).

If you see this pop-up or anything like it on your computer;

  •  Close whatever web browser you are using. This pop up is just a web page. If the window won’t close, call or swing it by the shop and we can help.
  • Do not call the number on the pop-up. Nothing legitimate will ever randomly ask you to call an 800 number.
  • If you end up calling the number, or if you don’t get the pop up on the computer and they just call you instead, be incredibly suspicious or just hang up the phone and call us instead. We can very quickly tell you if it is real or a scam.
  • Dont let anyone you don’t know remote into your computer. If a random stranger rang your doorbell and said that your house had problems that needed to be fixed and tried to barge in to show you the “problems” how would you respond? Treat your computer with just as much caution.
  • Dont give your credit card information to someone you don’t know over the phone or the internet.
  • If you aren’t sure, give us a call or come by. We deal with this type of stuff every day. We can quickly tell you if a pop-up is a legitimate update, a scam, or your actual antivirus software cleaning an infection.

Be safe out there!

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It’s The Little Things

We talk about, and deal with, a lot of major issues. Viruses, dying hard drives, data recovery, computers that won’t turn on, etc. But a large portion of what we do day to day is troubleshoot and fix small problems that may seem minor, but can interrupt your day just as much as the larger ones.

Has your internet explorer home page been changed? Forgot a password? Getting an error message or pop-up that you aren’t sure what to do with? Did the size of the images or text change? Need a reminder of how to do something or where a setting is located? Forget your wifi password? Having audio issues? Mouse or trackpad problems?

We can help. Don’t let a “small” issue become a major roadblock. Swing the computer by the shop or feel free to give us a call!