App of the Week

flipboardMy first “App of the Week” is an oldie but one of the few apps that I haven’t stopped using since I installed it a few years ago. “Flipboard” is described as a “personal magazine” app. For example, my personalized Flipboard contains articles about small business marketing, movie news, many sources of technology news, the Lubbock AJ, Gaming, and more. Yours will be completely different, because you will control everything in the magazine. Amazing app that I use daily, on multiple devices.  For iPhones, iPads and Android Devices.

The worst virus ever made?

You might have heard about the new “CryptoLocker” virus in passing. I could go into great detail about it, but I will start by telling you this; If you download this virus, you will mostly likely lose all of your data, and will probably be beyond help.

The virus can be removed easily enough, but your files will still be encrypted (unusable). There are currently only two ways to get your data back from this infection. 1) Pay the people that made the virus around $900 (rising daily) or 2) Have a recent backup of your files. This virus also attacks attached external drives, dropbox folders and network drives. If you are leaving an external drive plugged in as a backup, it will also become encrypted.

This virus is primarily coming in email attachments. Some claiming to be from Amazon, some as an Outlook update. Be extra careful what you click on! We have a few specialized tools for this virus specifically that can help prevent the encryption, and we can also set you up with a back up system that will allow you to recover from an infection in no time. We don’t want any of you to be victims of this!

All About Toolbars

One of the most common symptoms of computers we receive is trouble with browsing the internet. This can be caused by many different things, but the most prevalent is the nefarious “toolbar.”

These little gems will change your homepage, send you somewhere else when you click a link or enter an address, slow down your browsing, and create security risks.

Where do they come from? How do I keep them off my computer or get rid of them?

The first question is the easy one. Toolbars have become a form of paid advertising. When you download a Java or Adobe update (or just about any software) you will be asked: “Would you like to also install the AwesomeInternet Toolbar? Change your homepage to AwesomeInternet?” etc. The company offering the toolbar has paid Java to offer their product.

Installing new or updating existing software is something we do offhandedly, but slowing down and reading what toolbars from being installed on your computer.

Removing them is trickier, as they don’t show up in most virus scans (they don’t fit into that category). You can disable most in your internet browser’s settings, but some are more stubborn.

If you run into this, have a question during an install, or need help removing them, call or come by today!