MacBook Pro For Sale! Holiday Gift Guide Coming Next Week.

Last Chance To Take Advantage of our 24/7 Maintenance Plan Special Offer!

Our October 24/7 Special ends in less than a week! Give us a call or come by to get started and don’t miss out on this great deal.

For the month of October, mention this email and you will get the first 2 months FREE on any devices added to our 24/7 Maintenance Plan! This is the perfect time to join or add a device to the plan! Give us a call or swing by to get started. 806 722 0770

MacBook Pro for Sale

We have a refurbished 17″ MacBook Pro for sale! We just installed a brand new Solid State Drive in it, and it runs extremely fast. This won’t stay on the shelf long, so swing by if you are interested.

Mid-2009 17″ MacBook Pro
OSX 10.11
Intel Core Duo 2.8 GHz

Holiday Gift Guide Coming Soon!

We are getting our annual Holiday Gift Guide ready for release next week. We really enjoy putting these together and hope you will find some unique gift ideas inside. So keep an eye on your inbox. If you want to take a look at products we have included in our Gift Guide in previous years (and a few other products we recommend), just click here!

Have a great week and let us know if you need any help with your computers!

October Special! 24/7 Maintenance Plan Discount!

In an effort to provide the best possible service, we have just made a major upgrade to our 24/7 Maintenance Plan Software! This new suite of software is faster, more user-friendly and provides a much easier to understand monthly email report while still offering industry-leading support and security.

If you aren’t already a member of our 24/7 Maintenance Plan, now is the time to join! This plan is available for Home and Business, PC or Mac. See below for more details on the what the plan provides.

If you are a 24/7 Maintenance Plan Member already, we will be reaching out to you over the course of the next month to get you upgraded to the new software! Let us know if you have any questions in the meantime!

Now for the special offer! For the month of October, mention this email and you will get the first 2 months FREE on any devices added to our 24/7 Maintenance Plan! This is the perfect time to join or add a device to the plan! Give us a call or swing by to get started. 806 722 0770

Our 24/7 Maintenance Plan covers many repairs, maintenance, and support at a flat monthly rate that is easy to budget. Our entire staff becomes your IT department and you can spend your time on more important things. Let us know if you have any questions!

  • Unlimited Remote Support from LOCAL technicians – We will never out-source this.
    • Have a pop-up or an error message or need help finding your way around Windows 10? Computer running slow? Give us a call! We will remote in and help you on the spot. No waiting for an appointment or making a trip to the shop.
  • Managed Antivirus – Unlimited Virus Removal
    • We receive alerts if a virus is caught on the system and will call you to remote in if we feel additional cleanup may be needed. Virus removal is 100% included in the plan, up to and including reinstalling Windows.
  • Web Filtering
    • Click on ad with a virus behind it? Our Web Filter blocks a massive database of known malicious sites
  • Software Updates
    • We remotely check for, download and install updates for Windows, Java, Adobe, iTunes, Chrome, and much more. Say goodbye to update pop ups!
  • Remote Monitoring and Maintenance
    • We run 26 daily/hourly remote checks on your computer to make sure everything is working as it should. If we notice a problem, we will call to remotely repair it.
  • Monthly Email Reports
  • Monthly Check-Up Phone Calls


“I love it. I feel a great sense of security having your help. You’ve  saved my neck several times and have helped correct problems that have arisen in the last couple of years!” Steve A.

“Love the 24/7 Service! I have it on all of my office computers…
Thanks guys” Johnathan H.

“Very cost effective and I love that I can get real solutions quickly.” Eve D.

“I think it is GREAT!!!!   It gives me peace of mind knowing someone else is watching out for my business too and if there is a problem help is only a phone call away.  The service people are wonderful!” Buffie A.

“As a REALTOR my computer is so important and so the 24/7 coverage gives me great peace of mind, keeps things running flawlessly. 
Thanks Jon!” Mary B.

“Living 70 miles from Lubbock means every time I have a problem with my computers I have to drive all the way in and leave the problem computer in the city for several days or at least until the next week when I am going back.  It has certainly been convenient to have someone I know and trust to be able to get on my computer online and repair most problems without me having to leave the house and without having to be without my computer for an extended length of time.  I have no security worries with Jon or any of his employees working on my computers and that is certainly a prime concern for anyone today.  Many thanks for providing such professional and prompt service!” Linda H


“Best investment I ever made. With the ever-changing world it is hard to keep up with changes. Best thing is that it keeps viruses out of my computer. I have my computer to use not to be repairing all the time. SuperGeeks does a fantastic job.” Gary D.


“24/7 Maintenance Plan with Super Geeks is awesome! The monitoring reports lets me know how the system is running and if there is an issue, Super Geeks is right on top of it.”  Debbie I.


“I love it. I just pickup the phone call Super Geeks tell them the problems I am having and they fix it right then. I am no electronics smarty so they supply my needs for me and my computer.” Brenda F.


“It is economical, efficient, and I appreciate that they are local.” Jona J. 


Back To School Special! 25% Off!


It’s time for our Back To School Special! For the month of August we will be offering Free Diagnostics along with 25% off of Tune Ups, Virus Removals and Operating System Reinstalls.

Not a student? That’s okay! Anyone can take advantage of this offer. Don’t miss out on this great deal!

Give us a call or swing by to get started. 806 722 0770

Offer expires August 31st. Special Offer applies to In-Shop services only. Diagnostic is normally $35 and this fee will be waived. Once the Diagnostic is complete you will be called with suggested repairs. No repairs will be completed until they are authorized.  25% off applies only to Tune Up, Virus Removal and Operating System Reinstall Services. Any other requested repairs or parts will be billed at their normal rate. No appointment needed, walk ins are welcome M-F, 8-5.