Can SuperGeeks Help if my Computer is Functional?

I was talking to a friend a few weeks ago and he mentioned that someone had asked for a recommendation for Computer Services on social media. He, and a few others, recommended SuperGeeks. (Thanks!)

The person that had asked for the recommendation replied with “Can they help me install something on a computer that is otherwise functional?”

While “Computer Repair” does imply fixing something that is broken, the answer to this question is “absolutely.”

Here are just a few examples of how we have helped our customers with their “otherwise functional” computers in just the last few days;

  • Helping a customer recover from a Facebook hack.
  • Upgrading a Computer’s Processor, Memory, Video Card and adding a few other bells and whistles like a Solid State Drive to make it much faster.
  • Configuring Dropbox business accounts, re-organizing the folder structure, setting sharing permissions and training the customer on how to do all of it in the future.
  • Assisting with formatting a Word document.
  • Remoting in and changing the size of desktop icons. 
  • Installing Microsoft Office.
  • Performing a service call to configure a new printer to scan and print wirelessly from all computers in an office. 
  • Moving data to a new computer.
  • Renewing Software Subscriptions.
  • Training a customer on how to use the Windows 10 Mail Application.
  • Resetting Passwords. 
  • Troubleshooting and Increasing WiFi coverage. 
  • Helped a customer find a file in a Carbonite Backup

If you have any computer issues, questions or just want our advice, give us a call or come by and we would be happy to help!

806 722 0770

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