You probably know someone that is “good with computers”. You call this nephew or co-worker after you spent several hours trying to fix it. You’ve restarted it, you’ve googled a few things but the solutions seem like complete gibberish. You are close to throwing the computer into the garbage. You ask your “good with computers” buddy for help. This well meaning relative or friend says they will take a look at it when they have some free time. That might be a week, a month or never. They don’t mean to put you on the back burner, but being “good with computers” isn’t their focus in life.

We are “good with computers” and that is also our primary function every single day. To be the person that can fix the problem and explain the gibberish to you in a way that actually makes sense. To answer any and all of your technology questions before and after we perform repairs. We are also trained, certified, insured and when you call for a follow up question we don’t screen your calls.

I would say that we treat our customers like family, but unlike your nephew, we actually want to help you with your computer issues. Give us a call, come by or send us an email soon. We look forward to getting to know you.


 Roger Valdez – Technician

Currently a student at Texas Tech University, Roger enjoys learning new skills from class and at work everyday. Disassembling and reassembling pieces of hardware on computers is his specialty. On his off days some hobbies include skateboarding, watching movies, and playing video games.

 Braden Mason – Manager

When it comes to computers ask this guy anything and if he doesn’t know he will find out for you. That being said, computers are not the only thing Braden enjoys. When he’s not at work you can find him watching the many TV series he has yet to finish, doing laundry, or even cooking supper for his fiance.

  Jon Benton – Owner

“Have Flash Drive Will Travel. Former Police Officer (it’s important you know he never wrote you a ticket).  Also a Movie Geek and Stephen King Geek. Jon sacrifices his off hours by painstakingly studying and learning new technology (e.g. playing with computers and gadgets) and “unplugging” with his girlfriend and daughter. He loves people and technology, and strongly dislikes bees”